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The Mobile
Dog Gym

What is R.I.P.T.T ?


We are an air conditioned dog gym on wheels that pulls right to your door. You never have to leave the house! Less stress for the busy human.

Dog Powered Teadmills

Your Dog makes the treadmills move! They get all the control, to stop or go! NOTHING IS FORCED!

Personalized Programs

From puppies to seniors, we offer individualized programs for each dog's needs!


The Treadmills

Running In Place Treadmill Training

Our treadmills go beyond just walking your dog in your neighborhood.

Did you know that dogs need not only to walk daily but also to run to release energy & excitement? They also need to run to stimulate their minds to prevent boredom. Running is what helps dogs burn calories, build muscle, and maintain loose joints to lead healthier and happy lives. 

With our treadmills the dogs get to choose how fast they want to go, when they want to stop, and how long they want to run because they are doggie powered. And with the advance flooring, it's made to be more gentle on your dog's joints compared to hard ground. Our fitness gurus ensure everyone is having a good time! We always have the goal in mind to have your dogs Paws movin' and tails groovin'!

  • Length of time it takes to train your pooch to use the treadmill
    It can be conditional on a few factors: your dogs age, health condition and current anxiety and fitness level. Some take to it right away while others need a few sessions to build confidence in themselves and the equipment. Every dog is different. Our fitness gurus are always there to help your dog build their confidence and make it a safe environment for them. Their first few sessions will be a wondeful mental focus challenge.
  • Running full speed
    We typically see dogs going their tail groovin' speed within the first 3 to 5 sessions. Once of the many benifits of RIPTT is they don't HAVE to be at an all-out run in order to get a good workout. Even at a slow and steady pace, they are focusing, balancing, working with resistance, and climbing uphill for the entire session. They are engaging their mind, core, stability, and leg muscles no matter what. Our goal is to give your dog the best workout for that day, customized to their needs.
  • Our Service
    No matter what area you live in, Get Your Dog RIPTT provides prompt and professional service, with our top priorities being safety, fun and a great workout! We closely supervise each session, encouraging them to "workout" by walking, trotting, or sprinting; whatever their speed may be throughout the whole session (stopping for breaks and water as needed). A huge benefit with the equipment is that there is NO MOTOR, so your dog does all the work, and NOTHING is forced. We provide positive reinforcement via cheering, clapping, squeaky toys, and overall love and affection. You are more than welcome to join during the sessions to hang out with your dog and coach socially or feel free to let us work with your dog while you are at work, finish taks, or simply enjoy a glass of wine!
  • The Sessions
    Each of our sessions are different time lengths to make sure each dog gets the proper amount of time to sustain mental focus, cardiovascular activity, and build muscle without overexerting your dog and risking injury due to exhaustion. Sessions may be shorter if dogs are not conditiioned enough to do a full session or have medical/physical conditions that limits their avility to exercise. Our clients can pick between once a week or a bi-weekly schedule, at the different time levels. For those that need more, like high energy dogs or working on veterinarian orders for weight loss or rehab, we offer a gym membership for twice a week runs at a great monthly rate. If your not interested in regular essions we do offer on-demand runs. We will come out as soon as we have availability in your area to run your pooch.
  • After the Session
    Your dog might sprawl out on the cool floor, pant and drink water for some time after their session. Please wait 1-hour before feeding. Some dogs get a burst of energy after their session, that's normal too. They ust had a good workout and their endorphins and adrenaline are pumping. Once their heart rate slows down they will relax. For unconditioned or older dogs, we recommend giving their hind legs a nice rubdown to release lactic acid and prevent soreness the next few days. To maintain a happy pup, we always recommend staying on a recurring schedule.
  • Can't I just take my dog for a walk?
    We highly encourage you to walk your dog everyday for mental stimulation, bonding time and showing your dog that you are the pack leader but for those that have a hectic and busy lifestyle or want their dog to have great health & go to their full potential, this is a great safe option. Having a treadmill workout with our fitness gurus goes a step further by maintaining proper weight or reducing weight in obese dogs, building strength, giving mental stimuli, reducing their anxiety by building confidence, lowering the level of a high energy dog, correcting behavioral problems in the home from boredom and helping with flexibility even after an injury or surgery and much more.
  • Sports Training
    For those that do dog sports with the pooch, RIPTT is a great option to add to strengthen muscle, for endurance and adding resistance training to keep yoru dog at maximum performance and help prevent injuries.
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