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Our Policies & Waiver

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Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure efficiency, quality, safety, and outstanding service to all our clients of Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T and are taken seriously. If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us within 24-hours of the appointment in question and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Current Vaccinations: We require a copy for our records for the safety of our staff and other dog clients; Rabies and Parvovirus prior to the first trial session. We highly recommend also dogs be vaccinated for Distemper, Hepatitis, Bordetella & Parainfluenza but is not required.  It is still possible for vaccinated dogs to become ill with an infectious condition even if they have had these shots, but it greatly reduces the risk. By using our services, you understand the risks involved and cannot hold Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T, its owners, operators, employees, directors, or officers liable should your dog become ill with an infectious disease.

Aggressive Dogs:  Every attempt will be made to give your dog the safest and highest quality run possible.  Owners MUST inform Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T if dog bites, has bitten or is aggressive to people. A first attempt trial session will be made with owner providing a muzzle. Owner is responsible to apply muzzle on dog. Untrained unmanageable aggressive dogs that are a danger to themselves and/or our guru staff will not be excepted, and we reserve the right to refuse or stop services for such pet at any time before, during or after and payment is due in full whether full service was or was not provided. Owners are responsible for any damage to our equipment or injury to our fitness staff.

Parasites:  We require all dogs to be on flea and tick medication.  If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, prompt and thorough action on YOUR part will be needed.  We ask that if you know your pet has fleas, that you reschedule your appointment until the issue has been resolved.  If our gurus find fleas or ticks during a run, service will stop, and full payment of session will still be charged to your account. This keeps all our Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T clients healthy and safe.

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Health risks, Medical & Senior Dogs:  Dogs must be healthy, able to stand up and walk on their own.  If your dog is under recovery and under the care of your veterinarian, we require a release and rehabilitation requirement orders from your vet.  By using Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T services you understand that there are risks of serious injury involved.

By your dog participating in these services provided by our company, you freely accept and fully assume all risks, dangers hazards and possibility of injury, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.  If you are not home and injury should occur, we will make every effort to contact you first, then take your pet to your authorized veterinarian.  It is agreed and understood that all expenses for veterinary care will be covered by you, the pet's owner.

Food & Water:  For safety and health we ask that you do not feed your dog at least 1-hour before or after their exercise run.  We do not provide treats but offer praise, cheering and squeaky toys to motivate. Water may be given afterwards but should be room temperature.  Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T does provide water breaks during your dog's session.

Harnesses:  We require your dog wear a harness for their run for safety.  You can use one that you already own or purchase one from Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T that you can keep.

Puppies & pregnant dogs:  Depending on the size of your puppy we typically like to start around 6 to 9 months to build confidence and burn energy. Normally smaller dogs can start sooner since their heart and bones are at full growth and reduces risks of improper bone development.  For larger breeds closer to 8-9 months is recommended for proper growth closures.   We do not exercise pregnant females for safety unless given permission by veterinarian.

Arrivals: Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T operates within a 2-hour appointment arrival window (ex.1pm-3pm arrival time).  Arrival times are given due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, mechanical malfunctions & traffic.  This is NOT how long your dog's run will last.  We will notify you by text when we are on our way. When we arrive, we ask that your dog's harness be on.  We will be using our own safety loop leash to walk them to the vehicle for safety.  We please ask that your dog has time to relieve itself prior to when we arrive unless you are using our turn-key services.

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Schedules: If you have signed up for one of Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T re-occurring programs you will receive a text with the new appointment date within 24-hours of your last visit. Bi-Weekly appointments are set up for every other week and weekly are set up for every 7 days. Both are paid when services are rendered. Gym memberships are set up for twice a week appointment runs on the days we are in your area.  A monthly payment is charged on the 28th of every month with your credit/debit card on file.  This gives you access to a cheaper rate and a free monthly nail trim if dog allows.

Turn-Key Services: This wonderful service is for those that cannot be home. You allow us access to your home when you are not there, just like your mobile dog groomer. This is a great option since this gives you more available dates and times your pet can run with us.  If turn-key services are requested, you agree to provide a safe place to give our guru's easy access to your pooch. Keys, alarm codes, garage codes etc. are kept safe and are only used when you cannot be home. 

Costs & Payments:  Our prices are non-negotiable, and payment is due at time of service (we do not hold payment) unless your dog is in our Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T Gym Membership program which is then charged monthly with a card on file.  We accept cash, checks and card for no additional cost for your convenience.  We provide a touch free payment option by us sending you a secured link by text or email for services are rendered.  Please make checks payable to RIPTT.  Checks that are returned are subject to a $30 returned check fee on top of the regular run charge.  For every day not paid a $5 late fee will be accrued on your account.  Once a returned check has happened this option will no longer be available to you, and you will have to pay by cash or card.

Cancellations & No Shows:  We require a 24-hour cancellation notice by text or email.  Failure to do so will result in the full-service cost amount being charged to your account and no other services will be rendered until payment is made. This also includes no shows where we arrive to your home as confirmed and turn-key services are not used, and no one is there to release the dog to our R.I.P.T.T staff. Emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We understand situations happen as we have them too and we will absolutely work with you but not on a continued basis.

Notifications:  Once you have scheduled a date you will receive a text or email with notification that the appointment has been made.  3 days before your dog's appointment you will receive a reminder requesting for confirmation of the appointment.  You MUST confirm to give us permission to come as planned or you must cancel the appointment.  On the day of your appointment, we will send a text when we are on our way to your home giving you time to potty your pooch.  If you are paying by card, you will receive a text or email with a secured link to pay and lastly if you are on one of our Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T reoccurring programs you will receive a notification with the next date.

Pet Owners:  As the pet owner you are more than welcome to join us and encourage your dog to walk the treadmill, or sit back, enjoy a glass of wine in the quiet and peacefulness of your home.

Media & Reviews: By signing this agreement you agree and understand that you will not give negative online reviews due to necessary changes and no slander is allowed. You agree in no way to slander or injure Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T reputation or goodwill of the company, including by way of illustration, through any contact with members, prospective members, vendors, suppliers, social media, employees, advertisements, public relations firm(s) media, investigators, or agents of the company.  You give us permission to take photos and videos of your pet while in our care. All photos & videos taken of your pet while in our care is property of Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T and you give us permission to post on social media, websites and use in advertisements.  You also waive any rights to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of these images and videos.

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Waiver of Liability: Lastly, one finale step.  Every new client must sign the Get Your Dog R.I.P.T.T waiver of liability form for your dog to be able to participate in our wonderfully fun activity.  It is advised that you seek your veterinarian's approval of any exercise you plan to do with your dog.  A link with the waiver will be sent for your electronic pawtastic signature but you can read, download, and print the form by clicking the link.

Veterinarian Referral: If your dog is needing muscle rehabilitation or a weight loss regimen, we need your vets approval to move forward and their action plan for your specific dog's needs.  You may provide your vet's with the form for instructions and have them send it to us via email at or have them contact us by phone.  You may also give us your vets information and we can contact them on your behalf.

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